Our Story

The inspiration of our premium e-liquid brand is rooted in the ancient legends of Barong. This mythical creature was revered for safeguarding the tribal inhabitants of present-day Indonesia and bestowed them with happiness, liberation, and supernatural abilities through the elixir of eternal life.

According to the legend, the tribes gradually developed this elixir with tools to harness its mystical energy over the course of centuries, extending into modern trade. Bearing convenience in mind with compact, lightweight & sleek designs - we showcase a collection of premium e-liquids & modern vaporizers for today’s discerning consumer.

Our collection of over __ elixirs is inspired by the various legendary abilities and powers of Barong. Each flavor is named after a unique attribute - such as Elemental Fury, Healing Wind, and many others. Our vaporizers are built to last, with cutting-edge components that perfectly complement the use of all contemporary e-juices.

When you vaporize our e-liquids, you are inhaling the enchantment that Barong blessed the villagers with. With each breath, you can feel the surge of energy, joy, and extraordinary capabilities that were gifted to them. Our premium e-liquids & vape devices allow you the opportunity to experience this bliss for yourself.

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