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BARONG 15ml 3mg Coke Flavor Nicotine E-liquid

BARONG 15ml 3mg Coke Flavor Nicotine E-liquid

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Get that satisfying fizzy Coke flavor in a vape with BARONG’s Coca-Cola nicotine e-liquid. Our flavorists expertly extracted top notes like caramel, citrus, and subtle spice to recreate a remarkably authentic Coke profile.

Inhale bursts of fizzy cola with a sweet caramel undertone, capped by zesty citrus highlights. Hints of cinnamon and vanilla in the base capture Coke’s secret recipe to perfection. Our proprietary extraction process distills the key flavor molecules without adding chemicals.

This premium e-liquid contains 3mg/mL nicotine salt for a smooth hit. The max VG base allows for chasing thick, dense clouds. Suitable for all types of rebuildable atomizers and pod systems.

BARONG uses only premium food-grade ingredients sourced from reputable American suppliers. All our vape juices are handcrafted in our ISO 9001 certified cleanroom facility located in the USA.

Relieve those sodastream cravings and kick back with fizzy clouds of Coke flavor! Available in 15mL bottles.

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