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BARONG 15ml 3mg Cherry blossom Flavor Nicotine E-liquid

BARONG 15ml 3mg Cherry blossom Flavor Nicotine E-liquid

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Inhale the sweet, delicate essence of cherry blossoms with our eponymous BARONG e-liquid. Bursts of floral cherry and almond dance across the palate for a smooth, luscious vape.

Our flavor gurus extract a complex botanical profile with notes of honeyed cherry, stone fruit, and vanillic cream. Rose petals and toasted almond lend sophistication. Our proprietary steep and extraction preserves complexity.

This premium vape juice offers the satisfaction of 3mg per ml nicotine salt dosage that avoids harsh throat hits. The 70VG/30PG formula produces smooth, thick vapor.

BARONG sources only FDA compliant ingredients from reputable domestic suppliers, crafted in our ISO 9001 certified lab. No oils, sugars, acids or additives - just nuanced flavors.

Our Cherry Blossom e-liquid beautifully bottles the fleeting blooms of Spring. Available in 15ml bottles and larger sizes for Stuckists.

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